Zhejiang Jiade Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in March 2018. The company is located in Jinhua City, a historical and cultural name with a long history, beautiful scenery and humanity. Jinhua City is one of the top ten livable cities in China. It is located in the central part of Zhejiang Province. It enjoys a superior geographical position and convenient transportation. With Jinhua as the central point, it can provide good services to customers within 2-4 hours. It is the best geographical location for Zhejiang Jiade Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd. to serve the construction of Zhejiang emergency rescue equipment.

Zhejiang Jiade Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the sales of automobiles, auto parts, fire-fighting equipment, fire-fighting equipment, electric vehicles, scooters, metal products for fire protection, special equipment for environmental protection, power tools, garden tools and machinery, hardware tools and accessories. ,Business Consulting.

Although Zhejiang Jiade Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd. is a very young enterprise, several founders are passionate young people with many years of experience and rich technical accumulation in the fire-fighting vehicle and equipment industry. Our company has independent import and export rights. Acting sales of various well-known fire-fighting vehicles and fire-fighting equipment at home and abroad and providing professional after-sales service enterprises. The company has good interaction and cooperation with well-known fire trucks and fire-fighting equipment manufacturers at home and abroad. The fire-fighting vehicles and equipments sold have the fire-fighting product inspection report and CCCF certificate issued by the National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. The company's main cooperative brands include Germany's century-old enterprise Ziegler fire and rescue vehicles, German company Marquis fire truck, Finland Luxembourg fire truck, Holland Homer hydraulic rescue tool, Germany SOLO series of demolition products, Germany ALCO gun Gun series products, Japan Dongfa lift motor pump and other well-known brands at home and abroad. Since the establishment of the company, the products promoted have received continuous attention and wide acclaim from customers.

At present, our company is facing new opportunities brought by the in-depth reform of China's emergency rescue industry to vehicle equipment suppliers. Zhejiang Jiade Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd. will adhere to the enterprise spirit of “for good products, Shuliangde” and continue to explore and innovate to promote China's fire-fighting equipment has continuously broken through innovation and has contributed its own meager wisdom and strength to the development of China's emergency rescue industry.


Our company's aim is to meet the needs of fire fighting with the highest quality products + the most timely after-sales service and training. Over the years, our company has won the recognition and support of users with the best quality products and timely after-sales service.

We always adhere to our belief: to survive by quality, to develop by technology. Manage for efficiency and win customers with integrity. To provide customers with the most satisfactory, safest and best fire truck products.