• Supporting service

    Installation and commissioning: responsible for on-site installation and commissioning of all equipment

    Pre-acceptance: Provide on-site acceptance of the company one week before the contract delivery date

    Final acceptance: provide on-site acceptance after installation and commissioning

    Technical training: operation and use

  • Maintenance fire trucks

    Fault detection and elimination
    Service response: reaction within 1 hour

    Over 2 hours of on-site training
    Caught to the scene within 12 hours (in the province)

    General troubleshooting for more than 2 hours
    Troubleshoot within 36 hours

    Guarantee professional operation of professional equipment

  • Service purposes

    Service reserve: special spare parts, spare parts warehouse, special funds

    Service team: specialization, knowledge, young

    Service guarantee system: 24-hour service guarantee system

    Inter-departmental collaboration system: internal and external communication system for service information

    Regular return visit system: fault reporting system, customer information file management system

  • After sales service

    Warranty service: one year free warranty, free lifetime training

    Other services: maintenance and maintenance technical consultation of conventional and special fire engines, special equipments at home and abroad, technical program demonstration and transformation, equipment and equipment innovation

    Packing and transportation: The packaging materials are sturdy, environmentally friendly, easy to disassemble, hoisting, earthquake-resistant, and suitable for all kinds of transportation.

  • After sales service

    Humanized service: respect the whole process and thoughtful service concept, and provide services beyond the expectations of customers.

    On-site service: Engineers arrive in the shortest time to troubleshoot in the fastest way

    Regular inspection service: led by company leaders and senior engineers, patrol customers every year, extensively solicit opinions to maximize customer satisfaction

  • After sales service

    Remote service: remotely access the customer's in-use system via the Internet, and direct the technician to directly handle the system failure under the premise of the final customer authorization.

    Service Hotline: Manager Li, +86-18248516881 jolin

    Hotline response: communication, guidance, resolution, and troubleshooting by professional engineers